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The benefits of sending your child to summer camp

The benefits of sending your child to summer camp

  • Emily Smith

The weather’s warmer, the days are longer and your little ones are able to spend more time playing outside in the sunshine. Yes, summer is well on its way, so it’s likely that your child’s school or nursery is planning on a summer camp trip.

If you’ve never sent your child on a summer camp excursion, read on to find out about the benefits of them.

It’s an excuse for them to be physically active

With most children now spending far too much time indoors playing on smartphones and computers, summer camp is a great excuse for them to engage in some outdoor physical activity. Whether it’s water sports, walking or assault courses, it’s likely that there will be plenty of planned activities for your child to get involved with, all of which are going to boost their health and overall wellbeing.

It will build their confidence

Summer camps are unique environments in the sense that they remove children from the academic pressures that they face at school. Because camps are more focused on personal and social development, it’s a great opportunity for shy children to come out of their shells.

It helps them obtain skills for life

Getting outside and learning to live around nature is a great way for children to develop long-lasting skills that will see them through different stages of their life. From learning about the importance of adventure to seeing the role that nature has in our lives, there’s plenty to be learnt at camp that you child will never learn in the classroom.

They will become more independent

While you may be apprehensive to send your child away to camp where they won’t be under the watchful eye of yourself or their teachers, it’s a great opportunity for them to become more independent. They will learn to make daily decisions for themselves and you’ll certainly notice the positive difference when they return home.

It’s where great friendships blossom

While school playgrounds can often be cliquey, camps encourage children to all play together and as most of the activities take part in large groups, it’s the ideal place for your child to make long-lasting friendships.

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