How to introduce kids to stranger danger without causing alarm? |
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How to introduce kids to stranger danger without causing alarm?

How to introduce kids to stranger danger without causing alarm?

  • Emily Smith

Children are naturally trusting of other adults. After all, they've experienced the kindness and warmth of family members, teachers and healthcare professionals so it's easy to see why the concept of stranger danger might be a little alien to them.

However, it's up to us as parents to educate our kids on stranger danger and how to interact with adults without causing alarm, which can be a little tricky.

Therefore, we've created this simple guide to help you teach your little ones about stranger danger in a fun and none threatening format that will be easy to understand and won't cause distress.

Who is a stranger?

Firstly, it's important that you discuss what a stranger is with your child. Explain that a stranger is someone that they haven't met before.

Although you want to convey that the world is generally a safe place, you also need to get across that some strangers are nice, whereas others are not. One good way of approaching this is to use the example of dogs, pointing out that some doggies are playful, while some may bite and therefore must be treated with caution.

This frames the situation in a context that a young child would understand.

Recognising trusted adults

If your child should wander off, you’ll want them to seek out a trusted adult such as a police officer.

Make this into a game by downloading clipart images of police officers, security guards, school teachers and other figures of authority and ask your child to learn their roles and label them by their job title as this will help reinforce the types of adults that can be trusted outside of the family.

The stranger rule

Once your child can recognise adults in authority, next try a little light-hearted role play with a variety of scenarios. For example, what do you do if you can't see daddy/mummy in the supermarket?

Work out an action plan with your little one by teaching them to find a person of authority and do not talk to any other strangers without a parent around. Teach them to politely say that they’re not supposed to talk to strangers should they be approached by anyone who isn’t on their ‘safe adult’ list above and never to leave the area in search of their family member.


If you do get separated from your child and have taught them the steps above, its great peace of mind knowing that your child is carrying a vital piece of identification so that you can be easily contacted.

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