Essential things to pack when your child is going away on a school trip |
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Essential things to pack when your child is going away on a school trip

Essential things to pack when your child is going away on a school trip

  • Emily Smith

Whether you’re packing for your child’s first school trip or their fiftieth, there are certain things that you will need to include to ensure that they are comfortable, have a good time and remain safe while they are away from home.

Depending on the type of trip that they are going on, you will need to adjust what you pack to suit the environment, but there are a few essential items that you will need to include for them in all circumstances.

Read on to find out how to make sure that your child has everything they need for a happy and healthy school trip.

Sun cream and other toiletries

Many school trips will involve children spending time playing outside so it’s imperative that they stay safe in the sun with sunscreen. Ensure that you pick a high factor as this will mean that they don’t have to keep reapplying as much as won’t burn as easily.

Other toiletries that are essential include a toothbrush, toothpaste and personal hygiene products like shower gel and shampoo.

Clothes and footwear

Depending on the weather and the location of the trip, you will need to choose comfortable clothing for your child that is appropriate for the season that you are in. If it’s going to be warmer, be sure to include t-shirts, shorts and a hap. If it’s likely to be on the chillier side, pack jumpers, trousers and thick socks. Pack enough so that your child can layer up when the temperature drops.

Pocket money

While most school trips are all-inclusive and are paid in full before the child goes, they may still want to buy themselves sweets and souvenirs while they are away, so be sure to pack a purse with enough money for both.

A RawLabels reusable wristband

If this is your child’s first school trip, it’s likely that you are feeling apprehensive about them spending time away from home and are also concerned about their safety during the trip. For peace of mind, choose one of our reusable wristbands. Write your child’s name and address on the wristband, as well as your contact details in case they do get separated from the group for any reason.

Their favourite toy

Children are often just as apprehensive about spending time away from home as their parents are, so it can be beneficial to pack their favourite toy in their case or bag. This will remind them of home and will make them feel safe and comfortable.

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