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5 things your child will learn when they are at summer camp

5 things your child will learn when they are at summer camp

  • Emily Smith

Summer camp is the ideal environment for your child to learn more, increase their confidence and make new friends. Away from the pressures of school, many children flourish, learn more about themselves and develop life skills that they wouldn’t be able to in the classroom.

It’s also a great place for them to be physically active and spend time away from the distractions of technology.

Read on to find out about the 5 things your child will learn while they are at summer camp.

1. Independence

Away from your watchful eyes and instructions, your child’s independence is guaranteed to develop massively. They will learn how to think and make decisions for themselves and will gain the confidence to do things without you watching over them.

2. Appreciation

Often with independence comes appreciation so you may find that your little one is filled with much more gratitude when they return home to you. After being left to fend for themselves for a few weeks you’d be surprised at how thankful they will be for everything you do for them around the home.

3. A sense of community

Most camps like to instill a sense of togetherness in children and encourage them to pull together to get things done. Camp teaches children that they can easily create a support system of friends away from their parents, a valuable life skill that will see them through school, university and even their careers when they are older.

4. Courage

Particularly beneficial for shy children, summer camp is the perfect place for children to come out of their shells and learn how to be brave and courageous. This doesn’t just mean the bravery to climb rocks or swim in rivers either, it’s about taking personal and social risks, making new friends and being able to think for themselves.

5. Who they really are

Camp is a unique environment in the sense that children are away from a number of the distractions that they face at home. Things like video games, computers and films can be great learning tools for children but they can also stop them from learning more about themselves. Camp opens their minds up more and helps them to recognize aspects of their personality that they never have before.

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