Most popular children's names of 2019 revealed |
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Most popular children's names of 2019 revealed

Most popular children's names of 2019 revealed

  • Emily Smith

If you’re expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet in 2019, or just want a peek at some of the most popular names for this year, we've got you covered!

After spending hours trawling through the predictions for this year, we've been amazed to find that many favourite adult and children TV shows are set to have a significant impact on baby names. Read on to discover which names will be knocking the regal Charlotte and prince-like George off the top spot in 2019.

Cute and child-friendly

A number of traditional names are enjoying a revival for the little ladies this year thanks to a remake of the charming Peter Rabbit story by Beatrix Potter. Jemima (Jemima Puddleduck) and even Beatrix herself would be thrilled to hear that her Victorian-era name is having something of a surge in popularity.

Moving on to modern day children's characters, the ever-popular Paw Patrol cartoon series is making waves with Ryder, Chase, Marshall and Rocky expected to start making an appearance in the top ten names for boys.

Disney blockbuster Frozen is still having a big impact on popular names for girls with Anna and Elsa still going strong, although it is predicted that they’ll be slipping further down the charts as the year goes on.

For something a little more unusual, you can blame CBeebies for Bing, Roly and Dougie which may well be making an appearance at a baby and toddler group near you soon!

‘Grown-up’ TV names

Game of Thrones fans expecting this year are spoilt for choice with Aria/Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, Jon and Dany all predicted to be popular names. The hit UK TV shows Killing Eve and The Bodyguard could also fuel a revival of more traditional names including Julia, David and Eve.

Destination Names

Names of countries and cities seem to come and go as trends dictate, but thanks to celebrity superstar Kim Kardashian and her new baby Chicago, this trend is set to be on the up once more this year.

Cairo, Dallas, Israel and India are all beginning to gain in popularity as soon-to-be parents are seeking something a little different with an exotic edge for their new additions.

A royal birth

With Charlotte and George topping the polls of popular baby names over the last few years, the name of Megan Markle and Price Harry’s child is bound to have an impact on the most popular baby name of 2019, but we’ll all have to hang tight for a few more months to find out what its likely to be!

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