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Let it glow! A guide to keeping kids safe at firework displays

Let it glow! A guide to keeping kids safe at firework displays

  • Emily Smith

Woolly hats, sparklers and big blooms of colourful lights illuminating the sky, firework displays are a much-loved event for families up and down the country.

But like any outdoor event, the number one priority for parents is keeping their children safe, especially as firework displays take place after dark and there’s sure to be plenty of people about.

That’s why we’ve created a guide to help keep your little ones safe this year and for the extra peace of mind that will allow parents to enjoy the colourful display too.

Before you leave the house

With a bit of pre-planning, you can get the kids ready for a great family night out at the firework display.

First, get hold of a few glow in the dark bands or necklaces in a range of colours. Not only do kids absolutely love them, but it makes them far easier to spot in a crowd once the sun goes down, so don’t be afraid to go all out and use as many glow bands as you like.

Next, use one of our reusable kid’s ID wristbands and don’t forget to add your mobile number. Remember to put your phone on a vibrate setting as soon as you get to the display as it can be difficult to hear your ringtone, so pop it in your trouser pockets so you can feel it vibrate if anyone calls should your little one wander off and be discovered by a member of the public.

If you have a child that’s sensitive to noise or this is their first fireworks display, noise cancelling headphones are great for noisy events such as this, so take some along just in case.

Finally, remind your children about the action plan should they get lost and can’t find you in the crowd. Discuss the people they can approach at the event and tell them that you’ll find a ‘meeting spot’ that they can go to once you arrive.

Now pop on those gloves and let’s get going!

As soon as you arrive at the event

First, make sure that the kids are all ready to ‘glow’ by snapping those glow bands. If the event lasts more than a couple of hours, make sure you bring some spares along as they can lose their glow pretty quickly.

Check that your phone is on vibrate and scout out a suitable meeting point before the place gets too busy. Make sure that this area is far away from any cars entering or leaving the display or the fireworks themselves and has a ‘landmark’ that little people can easily see amongst the crowds.

Have a quick run through with the whole family on the procedure on what to do and where to go just in case before the big bangs start.

When you return home

Hopefully, everything went well at the firework display and the whole family had a fantastic time. If your children kept to the action plan or just stayed close to you during the event, then give them some praise to show them how well they've done, and they'll certainly remember to do the same again next year.

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