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Everything that your child needs in their pencil case

Everything that your child needs in their pencil case

  • Emily Smith

Shopping for pencil cases is one of the most exciting things about going to school for a child and there are so many different styles and designs to choose from. You can ensure your child gets the most out of their pencil case by making sure it’s stocked with everything they need. Below are our picks for the essential items every child needs in their pencil case.

Name badges

Often, the first thing that is most appealing about a pencil case is its look. Whether it’s fuzzy with a colourful character on it, or bold and bright, your child’s pencil case will probably be very visually appealing. Unfortunately that means that it may also be visually appealing for others too! The most essential thing your child needs in their pencil case is their name – ideally using something permanent like a small iron on clothing label for a material pencil case, or a waterproof name label for a wooden or plastic one.


There are millions of designs of pens for children of all ages out there; from simple biros to flashy or fluffy ones and everything in between. For young children however, it is important to find a balance between practical pens for handwriting and colourful pens for more creative activities.

A splash of colour

Pencils are a great tool for a little one. Not only are they stain-proof (unless your child is particularly skilled at attracting stains) they also come in a whole rainbow of colours. Coloured pencils or crayons don’t just help for colouring activities; pencils can be used to highlight and colour-code different areas of work which will teach your child valuable organisation skills.

A ruler

Any child that takes pride in their work would feel lost without their ruler. Whether it’s being used to underline the date and the titles on their work or to draw shapes for mathematics, a ruler really is an essential item that they can’t do without. Choose a wooden or steel ruler, as these are less likely to break than the plastic ones.


Stickers are a great and often overlooked item for a child to pop in their pencil case. Children can use them to interact with each other and play games during break times, to organise their own work, and to decorate and enhance their personal items like books or lunchboxes. If you go for stickers, try ones which are educational as well as appealing, or ones that can be an interesting talking point.

Extra bits and bobs

Anyone who has spent time in a reputable high street stationers can’t help but be enchanted with the different shapes and sizes that erasers and pencil sharpeners come in these days. You can get anything from your child’s favourite cartoon character to farm yard animals in eraser form and it’s difficult to resist when there’s so much choice out there! Having these extra items in their pencil case will also mean that a child is able to share them with friends – but don’t forget those all-important name labels, just in case any of them go walkabout in the classroom!

Post-it notes

There’s nothing like instilling organization in your child from a young age and post-it notes are a great way to do this. They can use them to write reminders for themselves about their work, give their friends notes or bookmark certain pages in their workbooks.

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