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The best garden activities for over the school holidays

The best garden activities for over the school holidays

  • Emily Smith

Summer has finally arrived and the school holidays are just around the corner. If you’re looking for fun, easy way to get the kids away from screens and enjoying the garden, these outdoor activities could be just what’s needed to look forward to some outdoor play.

Plant colourful seeds

Get your little ones involved in making the garden look beautiful with the help of some colourful seeds. They’ll love seeing how the plants grow and you can get them outdoors every day for a bit of watering. Older kids might be more interested in growing vegetables that you can use for a meal.

Try art and crafts with natural tools

If art and craft is already a big hit in your house, why not take it outdoors? It means less mess indoors and you can encourage them to use nature’s tools. Think replacing paper with pebbles to transform with paint, creating prints with leaves, or using branches from bushes as paintbrushes,

Create an obstacle course

For parents of energetic and active kids, an obstacle course can provide hours of entertainment. Use household objects, such as buckets, mops, or cushions for them to jump over, dive under, and run around. Let them play around with the obstacles to create their own race too and be on hand with a stopwatch to see who’s fastest.

Set a scavenger hunt

Who wouldn’t want to hunt for hidden treasure? Creating a scavenger hunt will provide a huge amount of fun during the summer holidays. You could create a list of items they need to hunt for or spot in the garden or go all out with a pirate inspired treasure map for them to follow.

Search for bugs and beetles

Kids are often fascinated with the natural world and your garden is filled with creatures to marvel at. Point them in the right direction for hinting for all sort of creepy crawlies to observe, from beetled hiding under logs and stones to ladybirds and caterpillars resting on the leaves of plants.

Make a fairy garden

This can be a long-term project over the summer that can be enjoyed long afterwards. A fairy garden is a miniature garden complete with plants and tiny structures. With so many different parts, it’s an outdoor activity that your kids can keep coming back to, such as adding tiny stones they find to create a new footpath to building a doorway.

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